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Speaking of advertising online, eStara has helped over 350 enterprises in over 100 countries gain priceless insight into the origins of their sales leads thanks to their “Track the Call” technology. eStara is the inventor of “pay-per-call” advertising, and today services multiple industries, including yellow pages and directories, financial services, retail, travel and hospitality, real estate and automotive.


Advertising online using call tracking and pay per call services deliver on a simple promise: make your advertisers’ phones ring and prove it across all channels from online directories to print.


Advertising online with services like eStara’s Track the Call allows yellow pages and online directory publishers, search engine companies and marketers to create new revenue generation opportunities. However, these programs are not “one size fits all.” Choosing the right service provider and determining the right revenue model are the two most important steps in making phone-based lead generation programs work.


If you’re a yellow pages or online directory publisher, a search engine company or search engine marketer, here’s why you should be using Track the Call and pay-per-call-services.


Small and medium size enterprises (SMEs) spend nearly three-quarters of their marketing budget on local ads and lead generation because their customers are local and the vast majority of their revenue is generated locally. You need to be able to quantify ROI for your local SME advertisers. And thanks to Track the Call from eStara, now you can – faster and far more flexibly, reliably and inexpensively than is possible with legacy switch-based call tracking and monitoring systems.


Track the Call is the world’s first VoIP-based call tracking service, and it finally makes targeted buy generic viagra 100mg telephone-based lead generation local, relevant and cost-effective. When your advertiser’s telephone rings – whether it’s in response to a search engine listing, online directory, yellow pages, print or outdoor ad – you’ll be able to fully document the call and take credit for it.


What’s more, Track the Call gives you the flexibility to develop pay for performance ads that fit the revenue model that’s right for both you and your SME advertisers.


So what makes Track the Call totally different from traditional hardware or switch-based call tracking solutions?

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