RMR featured in the Gazette

The Business Gazette recently ran an article by Steve Monroe on Robyn and RMR.  The article turned out great, and you can view it for yourself on the Gazette website at:  Enjoy!

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RMR adds America’s 911 Foundation

RMR is proud to announce that we have added America's 911 Foundation as a client. The America's 911 Foundation is dedicated to the support of active First Responders, and will be holding their 10th annual motorcycle ride to raise money for the fallen heroes from the 9/11 tragedies on August 20th-21st, 2010. You can find out more about the ride and the America's 911 Foundation in the release here or by visiting

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Sales Presentations that SELL!

Below is an article from RMR’s President and CEO Robyn Sachs that shows the value of effective sales presentations and serves as a great resource for companies looking to enhance their business.   Sales Presentations that Sell! At the top of the RMR Marketing Pyramid is sales calls- the most expensive marketing method but also potentially the most effective.  Assuming you aren’t cold calling door-to-door, once you’re in a sales call you have narrowed down and qualified the lead to the point that you know you’ll be presenting to a potential customer.  Now it’s up to you to close the deal with a dynamite sales presentation that makes them eager to buy what you’re selling.  From PowerPoint presentations to webinars, the point is to enhance your message, not obscure it.   Whoa!  What do they need to know? It’s easy to get carried away and overwhelmed by colors and fonts and music and special effects.  But even a whiz-bang presentation can leave viewers wondering what the whole thing meant – and that means you wasted your time and money putting it together.  So the first step is to ask yourself this one question: What do they need to know to [...]

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Integrating your Sales and Marketing

As a majority of businesses, especially small businesses, have had to cut back over the past 2 years, one strategy we keep hearing about is that companies are combining their sales and marketing efforts into one.  This may solve issues of budget and possibly staffing, but we’ve found that it does not necessarily help drive both programs nor does it lead to the best results. While your marketing efforts help brand your product and gain awareness, it is rare that the marketing efforts alone will help sell your product. These are two separate items that need to work together. It is your sales team’s job to step in and take what the marketing team has done and turn that into actual sales.   Here is a great resource for you from RMR’s President and CEO Robyn Sachs, who in  this article, “The Magic of Sales and Marketing Integration,” offers tips for how the sales and marketing staff can work together most effectively, including: Understand your sales funnel Prioritize your leads Have an awesome preheat letter Present proposals in person Stop doing what doesn’t work By using these steps and more, you will be able to integrate your sales and marketing efforts, [...]

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The Rules of Collateral: Sell, Sell, Sell!

President and CEO of RMR, Robyn Sachs tells it how it is when it comes to the importance of using fabulous brochures, flyers and products to sell your product. Now, more then ever, we are stressing the importance that regardless of what the product may be, it is crucial that your company provide a compelling brochure to a prospective customer in order to generate the return you are looking for. Some tried and true tips that RMR recommends when creating the ultimate brochure include:  Start selling on the cover. Sell benefits, not features. Add photos to make it real. Give it the “Heads, Subheads, Captions” test. Sell, Sell, Sell! Follow these steps and you are on the high road to success. It is no longer enough to just show up to trade shows, or line up sales calls. What you need to do is provide the prospect with a polished and impressive product that they can walk away with, leaving a lasting impression. Feel free to check out Robyn Sachs’ article “The First Rule of Collateral: Sell, Sell, Sell” addressing this idea in its entirety! Does your company offer a brochure that truly sells for you?

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Nominations now open for Extreme Office Makeover contest

Is your company or a company you know in need of a makover?  If so, then you should check out the Extreme Makeover Contest (  Over the last few years, home makeover shows have been all the rage.  You know the scenario:  a family's home is in bad shape and then a team of professionals comes in and drastically changes the home for the better.  The Extreme Office Makeover takes the same concept and applies it to business.   Every business in Montgomery County that applies for the contest will receive a FREE technology analysis, which is valued at over $250.  The Grand Prize winner of the contest receives the Extreme Office Makeover with products and services valued at over $50,000!   The contest rules and contest application are both located on the Extreme Office Makeover website at  Nominations are now open and are currently being accepted until November 30th.  Check out the website today, so you can give your business "The Business!"

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RMR President Wins 2009 Small Business Mentorship Award

We're excited to announce that our President and CEO, Robyn Sachs was honored this morning by Montgomery County's Workforce Investment Board and Department of Economic Development, with the 2009 Small Business Mentorship Award. The award recognizes a business that has provided mentorship to small businesses in Montgomery County resulting in growth for the company they've mentored.   We asked Robyn about her feeling around this achievement and she said she's always been a strong believer in the value of mentorship, and that it gives her great pride to see a company she has mentored grow and succeed.   RMR always makes the recommendation to our clients to participate in relevant award opportunities because it builds excellent third-party reference, establishes your company as a leader and helps with corporate positioning. It is a great tool to have in your marketing tool kit to garner awareness and recognition for you company and achievements.   Congratulations to Robyn!   We'd love to hear about recent achievements your organization has been honored for?

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Kick-off to the Trade Show Season

Over the past few months we’ve been hearing more and more interest from our clients on how they can get in front of a large amount of potential customers. Our answer to that is hit the Trade Show circuit!   Trade Shows are a great opportunity for companies to interact one-on-one with their customers and fellow industry colleagues. It allows you to relay your company's key messages and services first hand to a wide audience of prospective customers, which means great networking opportunities and lead generation. Often times when strategizing a trade show calendar, we forget to ask ourselves a few key questions. Whether you’re a vet or a newbie to trade shows, it’s worth taking a moment to ask yourself the Who-What-When-Where-Why and How questions so you’ll be sure you have the right show, the right message, and the right methods to achieve your goals.   We invite you to check out an article from Robyn Sachs, President & CEO of RMR, on Trade Show marketing, titled, "The Who-What-When- Where- Why and How of Trade Show Marketing." The article goes a bit more in depth on answering questions that you should think about when deciding to participate in Trade Shows, such as: Who are you trying to reach? [...]

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The New Age of Direct Mail

At RMR, communication is the key to our success, and we know that communicating with clients and prospects is essential to maintaining and building relationships, while continuing to position your company as the expert in your field. One cost-effective way to do this is to embrace the older marketing technique of direct mail and adapt it to the more current and common form of direct communication, e-mail. This week, we released an article from RMR’s President and CEO, Robyn Sachs, called “Direct Mail: Dinosaur or Dynamo?”, which specifically highlights best practices that one should keep in mind when thinking of running a Direct E-mail Campaign. The article touches on knowing your target audience, how to reach them and how to tailor your message to fit them. The key to any type of communication effort your company initiates is to always include a call to action. We’ll share our tried and true secrets for a successful Direct E-mail Campaign to secure that all your efforts will have a successful return.   What is your company doing to keep up communication with your clients or prospects?

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Welcome to RMR Cafe!!

At RMR we are big on social media and view social media vehicles to be both complementary to your traditional MARCOM plan and essential for continuing to move it forward.   With that in mind, we’d like to introduce you to our blog, RMR Café! You’ll be able to connect directly with our team, who will be discussing and sharing with you a variety of different topics from social media best practices, branding tips, PR secrets, and creative strategies we’ve collected after 21 years while also keeping you up-to-date with our news and events.   You can also follow us on Twitter - @RMRAssociates!!   Enjoy!

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