5 Secrets to Picking the Perfect PR Firm

Did you catch RMR’s recent column in Washington SmartCEO Magazine?  If not, the article can be found below.  You can also find all of RMR’s articles from the magazine here.   These five questions will help you find the public relations firm that fits your growing business.       If you're looking for new ways to grow your business - and who isn't? - it's smart to turn to a public relations firm. The right PR firm can devise a strategic, integrated plan that maximizes your resources to give you the best return on your financial investment. But PR firms are not all the same. Some specialize in certain industries. Some may not have the right media contacts for your business. So how do you know what you're really getting?       The secret is to ask the right questions up front. By putting the same questions to each firm you're considering, you'll be able to compare what each offers and determine which one is the best fit for your business. Start by asking yourself these two important questions: What do I expect a PR firm to accomplish?       Most people say "I want to have a successful PR campaign." But everyone [...]

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6 Tips for More Effective Direct Marketing

Did you catch RMR’s recent column in Washington SmartCEO Magazine?  If not, the article can be found below.  You can also find all of RMR’s articles from the magazine here.   6 Tips for More Effective Direct Marketing   While it's true that direct mail or direct email success depends first on the list, next on the offer and only last on the creative ... being last doesn't make creative immaterial. Think of it as the last leg of a relay team. After your strong runners build your lead, someone still has to cross the finish line.   So here are some ways to assure your creative keeps you in the race.   #1. Speak to the reader's self-interest. His favorite song is "I, Me, Mine." So play along. Headlines and lead paragraphs in your letter or brochure should immediately convey information of use, value, benefit, and - above all - interest to the reader.   #2. Tell the reader what they'll gain by replying (more time, more money, peace of mind, solutions) and what they will lose by not responding (the opportunity to solve their problems).   #3. Use visuals to reinforce your message and make it easy to [...]

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Eight steps to using the media

Did you catch RMR’s recent column in Washington SmartCEO Magazine?  If not, the article can be found below.  You can also find all of RMR’s articles from the magazine here.   Eight steps to using the media to introduce new products The greatest challenge facing any new product is the FUD Factor—Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt. This holds true whether you’re trying to influence analysts, editors, prospects or customers. Effective public relations not only eliminates FUD, it earns your product the dominant position in customer minds.   In PR, like many areas of business, the 80-20 rule applies. In this case, 20 percent of the market influences the other 80 percent of the market. In his book titled “The 22 Immutable Laws of Branding” author Al Ries says, “The birth of a brand is achieved through public relations, not advertising.”   When your product is first in its category, effective PR not only brands your product, it can make that entire product category synonymous with your product’s name. For example, if I say, “a candy with a hole in it,” it’s likely that the first thing that pops into mind is “Lifesaver.” Other recognizable examples are the first adhesive bandage, Band-Aid, [...]

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ICAT Logistics Provides support to Haiti

RMR's client, ICAT Logistics, recently completed a successful philanthropic effort with its partner, Rendez-vous: Haiti, to provide transportation to a Haitian orphanage in need.  The clip from Business Monthly talking about this partnership can be found below:  

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Client Testimonials

Have you checked out the Testimonials page ( on the RMR website yet?  We are always thrilled to hear from happy clients and continue to update this page, including the recent testimonial from Michael Sanzi, CEO of Big Brothers Big Sisters of the National Capital Area!

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Did you catch our latest SmartCEO column?

Did you catch RMR’s recent column in Washington SmartCEO Magazine?  If not, the article can be found below.  You can also find all of RMR’s articles from the magazine here.   10 Tips to Sharpen Your PR Practicing public relations is much like handling explosives. Detonate in just the right way and your blast does its job, capturing lots of attention. But handle your detonation recklessly and it can explode in your face – also capturing lots of attention.   Savvy marketers realize that before they ignite any public relations program, they better have a systematic game plan for how they’ll proceed. When you go out too early in your development schedule and talk about how great your product is going to be, you might get some press coverage, which is great! But if your development schedule then slips, reporters will certainly remember, and your credibility will suffer.   To ensure you get the best return for your public relations efforts, I recommend following “The 10 Tips to Sharpen Your PR.”   1. Understand the reporter’s role. It is the reporter’s job to sift through the mountain of press releases and industry information to inform, educate and advise his or [...]

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RMR Adds Go-to-Market Service Offering

RMR & Associates Adds Go-to-Market Service Offering to its Wide Array of Value-Driven Integrated Marketing Solutions The award-winning integrated marketing firm delivers additional value, ROI, and expanded thought leadership to clients to drive greater business success, nurture a culture of entrepreneurship and fast-growth                                                                                                                                                                                                       Rockville, MD - March 18, 2015 - RMR & Associates, Inc. (, one of the Washington DC Metropolitan Area's leading Integrated Marketing, Advertising, and Public Relations firms, announced today that it has added a comprehensive, phased Go-to-Market service offering to its arsenal of value-driven solutions, to help clients maximize the launch, market position, fast growth revenue, ROI, and success of their new products and services.   Comprised of five phases, which may be conducted separately or as a full package depending on a client's individual needs and budgetary constraints, RMR's Go-to-Market offering was developed to bring added expertise to clients at various stages of market entry and development and all under one roof, led by the firm's Executive Vice President and MBA, James Kenny, who has over 25-years of success in Fortune 50, startup, and emerging sector product and company launches.   "This new Go-to-Market offering is a fantastic [...]

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Did you catch our SmartCEO Column?

Did you catch RMR's recent column in Washington SmartCEO Magazine?  If not, the article can be found below.  You can also find all of RMR's articles from the magazine here. Nine Fresh Ideas for Better Sales and Marketing Integration   Once upon a time, an enterprising company hired a marketing firm to create a dynamic, multi-faceted campaign that included advertising, PR, and targeted email. A few days after the campaign broke, the company received an envelope containing a check and a note saying, “I’ve been waiting forever for a product like this! Send me 1000 of them right away!” The CEO ran to the bank with that check immediately, ran back, and waited for the next day’s mail. And the next, and the next and the next….and guess what happened? Nothing! That’s because the chances of receiving a large order without a nudge or phone call from your sales staff is roughly the same as winning the lottery. Far better to follow standard protocol – once your marketing campaign breaks, have your sales people step in, follow up on the leads, and close the deals.   “Sales and Marketing” are often lumped together as if they were one function, when [...]

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Rozansky Seminar Event on February 21st

RMR's client Brad Rozansky of The Rozansky Group recently held his second seminar on top tips and tricks for getting your home in shape for sale in the Spring Real Estate Market on 1/29.  The seminar was such a success that he will be hosting another seminar on Saturday, February 21st from 10am-Noon at their office.  This is a free event, but you need to register!  All the information is below.   When:  Saturday, February 21st, 2015 from 10:00 AM -  Noon   Where: The Rozansky Group office, 4650 East-West Highway, Bethesda, MD 20814   What:  Brad will share an early outlook for the 2015 real estate market to ensure you are equipped to receive top dollar for your home and his expert recommendations into "Pricing and Packaging: The Two Most Important Strategies in Selling Your Home".  Attendees will also receive expert insights on several key topics, including: Pricing Strategies: What Works and What Doesn't; Cost-effective Improvements that make YOUR HOME STAND OUT to buyers; and Staging: Is it Worth the Expense? And How Much Does it Cost Anyway? How to Register:  Register online at, using discount code "RMR1" to kick your 2015 off with the insider knowledge of [...]

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