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Magic of Sales and Marketing Integration

The Magic of Sales and Marketing Integration
By Robyn M. Sachs
President, RMR & Associates, Inc.

Once upon a time, an enterprising company hired a marketing firm to create a dynamic, multi-faceted campaign that included advertising, PR, and targeted email.  A few days after the campaign broke, the company received an envelope containing a check and a note saying, “I’ve been waiting forever for a product like this!  Send me 1000 of them right away!” The CEO ran to the bank with that check immediately, ran back, and waited for the next day’s mail.  And the next, and the next and the next….and guess what happened?  Nothing!  That’s because the chances of receiving a large order without a nudge or phone call from your sales staff is roughly the same as winning the lottery.  Far better to follow standard protocol – once your marketing campaign breaks, have your sales people step in, follow up on the leads, and close the deals.


“Sales and Marketing” are often lumped together as if they were one function, when in fact they are distinct, separate functions that need to work together. The role of marketing communications (MarCom) is to create your brand image, to make your target audience aware of your brand or product, and to generate leads.  Rarely, if ever, will MarCom alone make the sale for you.


The role of your sales staff is to turn MarCom’s leads into sales. Yet, when sales are down, people tend to blame their marketing efforts.  It’s always a good idea to reevaluate how well your marketing is working.  If the anticipated number of leads is being generated, however, the marketing is doing its job.  Then it’s time to consider the efforts and methods of your sales staff.  Here’s how:

# of leads = # of presentations = # of proposals = # of sales


Every business will have a different sales funnel.  If you have never analyzed yours, go back through your sales records and tally how many proposals were presented, on average, before a sale was made.  How many presentations did your sales people make before they were invited to submit a proposal?  And how many leads did they follow up on before they received an appointment for a sales presentation?  If this data is sketchy, your sales people haven’t been diligent about recordkeeping, and that means they aren’t aware of how they’re doing in these areas either.  You’ll need to put a simple tracking program in place immediately so each sales person – and you — can see and analyze this data.  I recommend you study your funnel at least monthly so you can see where viagra work needs to be done, and share it with your sales staff, perhaps in a Monthly Sales Meeting.

You don’t need to win the lottery or wish upon a star to for your sales to pick up – just cold, hard calculations.  Make sure your marketing efforts and sales funnel are working smoothly and in tandem, and sales will surely follow.

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