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Client Testimonials

RMR has had the privilege of working with a great group of clients in our 25 years of business.  While we could tell you all about the great work we do at RMR, it is our clients who say it best:


“Robyn and the RMR team put iCore on the map. RMR works big time!”

 Steve Canton, iCore Networks


“We’ve had an amazing and collaborative working relationship! You captured these stories accurately and concisely.”

 Wanda A. Alexander, Horizon Consulting


“I give RMR a glowing review. Thank you for a job well done!”

 Ted Rose, Rose Financial Services


“The Barbour Group considers RMR a skillful business partner and greatly appreciates the talented group!”

Chris Smith, The Barbour Group


“We were thrilled that our rebranding effort with RMR won best branding campaign in the country!”

Mahfuz Ahmed, DISYS


“I personally thank the RMR team for all of the outstanding work that was performed during the Parking Garage Advertising Pilot Program. The overall feedback that this office received from the PLD communities was very positive. The sentiment expressed by the stakeholders supported interest in seeing this advertising program expanded. Moreover, several local business owners spoke highly of their personal engagement with the RMR team.”  

— Xavius da Silva-Thompson, Chief, Management Services & Property Development, MCDOT – Division of Parking Management


“Every company needs a Jim. And a Laura too! I struggle every day to get the simplest things done with other vendors, but you guys are always awesome. I am very grateful.”

— Michael Sanzi, CEO, Big Brothers Big Sisters National Capital Area

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