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Web Marketing

Web Marketing
The dot-com era is dead. Learn from their mistakes and jump-start your marketing effort with Web Marketing that delivers!

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 It’s been years since the fall of the infamous dot-coms. Looking back on the excesses of the previous decade might make you think that the Web is dead.


Well, think again. Internet e-commerce is up 25-55% per year, depending on who you read. Smart companies (and we like to count ourselves among them) are becoming more and more sophisticated about using their web sites to achieve the top three marketing objectives: Increased brand awareness, increased brand preference and lead generation.


Here’s how we can help you with your web marketing effort:


Internet marketing strategies A lot of your success of your marketing efforts depends on the strategy you decide on to get your message out.


Get it right, and qualified prospects will seek you out and you will be able to control the flow through your sales funnel as easily as you would a stream of water flowing through a faucet.


Get it wrong, and not only will no one know you’re out there, but you’ll pour tens of thousands of dollars into a black hole, just the way the dot-coms did until a few years ago.
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Web Design More and more potential buyers are turning to the web as the ultimate source of information. It’s critical that all your web marketing communications reflect a consistent message. We can help.


RMR is on the leading edge with its web marketing division. Not just “brochure” web sites, but web lead generating web sites to help you reduce or even get rid of outbound telesales. We know how, we’ve done it ourselves!
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Search Engine Optimization The rise of the search engines like Google and Adwords have expanded the options available to marketers as well as contributed to the confusion surrounding this critical part of your web marketing strategy.


If you’re a B2B company, here are three statistics for you from a recent Marketing Sherpa survey:



If you’re a B2B company and you haven’t sought out this vehicle, you’re missing a tremendous opportunity to leverage the power of the Web.
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Web Lead Generation – Web site lead generation is a key role for today’s Web site. More than just a “brochure site”, your site is an active partner in attracting prospects who are looking for you and who are currently not finding you.


It also plays a critical role generating web leads that may relieve you of the need to prospect for new clients.


A key role for the Web site is to capture names and email addresses of prospects in order to further develop your “house list”, an opt-in list of people who actually want to hear from you periodically and are a growing pool of prospects.


By giving them sound expert advice regularly and crafting a great offer for them from time to time, you can regulate your workflow from new business as predictably as turning on a water faucet.

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