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Search Engine

Crash-course in Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

What is SEO?

Search Engine Optimization helps a web site be listed at the top of the search results, based on keywords people enter, so that the web site can get more traffic and generate more income for its owner.


How Does It Do That?

The CONTENT and keyword layout of the pages will be the most significant factor in determining how high you’ll rank. Knowing how many times to repeat a keyword and where to place those keywords is the real secret to achieving top 10 rankings.


External factors such as incoming links to the site will also play a role in your rankings. Top rankings in the search engines are the key to bringing new traffic and visibility for the Web site.


How Does The Process Work Exactly?

At first, web optimization may seem somewhat overwhelming because of the large array of things needed to promote a site. Don’t order viagra usa worry! We have the latest tools to help each step of the way through successfully promoting a web site on the search engines.


Products that simply submit you to hundreds of no-name engines and suggest you just add meta tags to your pages are NOT going to work.


Most experts in the industry will tell you that you’re unlikely to realize any significant traffic from the “shotgun submission” method. The KEY to creating new traffic is to create and maintain pages on your site that will be found in the top 10 to 30 matches on the MAJOR search engines, since that’s where 95% of the traffic comes from.


If you’ve submitted your site, but nobody can find you on a search, then what was the point?


Want help with your site specifically? Then contact Robyn Sachs by email or by phone at (301) 230-0045 x200.

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