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Web Marketing Strategies

So, you’ve got yourself a web site. It’s up on the Web, and now customers are going to be lining up outside your front door to purchase your products, right?


Well, don’t count on it. Odds are, no one even knows your site is there. And even if they do, most web sites aren’t set up to drive prospects anywhere,  they just sit there like a brochure and talk about you, not the prospect.


What you need to have, of course, is a Web Marketing Strategy for your business’ web site, just like you have a marketing strategy for your business. You do have one of those, right? If not, click here to start the process.


Success on the web doesn’t just happen, anymore than it does in the bricks and mortar world. It’s carefully crafted, not by the graphic artist who designed your web site, but by web marketers who specialize in this branch of marketing.


Here are a few points to consider when defining a Web Marketing Strategy:


-Free Download of software


-Survey results that benefit them, not you

-Promotional items like t-shirts, hats, etc.

-Free e-book

-Free samples of your work


It doesn’t take much imagination to realize that a site that implements these suggestions will sell vastly better than a site that is just a “vanilla brochure site”.


Want help with your site specifically? Then contact Sandra Schwartzman by email or call her at (301) 230-0045 x100.

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